Childhood Nutrition

Childhood nutrition is a priority at Your Nutrition Design. If your child has been diagnosed with failure to thrive, food allergies or pediatric overweight, you want a professional with the best pediatric nutrition skills. Kimberly Mathai, RD has been working with parents and their children for over 15 years to help them learn nutrition skills and tools to create an optimum feeding and eating environment.

Picky Eaters/Failure to Thrive

For the resistant eater or picky eater, parents need a specialized eating plan that creates a family-centered approach to building and advancing eating skills and broadening food choices. Each child deserves a nutrition care plan and addresses challenges to better eating, with step by step plan to introduce new foods, increase calorie load for failure to thrive, and keep family meal times pleasant and stress free.

Pediatric Weight Management

For the child with weight management issues, she helps parents and their child with a nutrition program that defines the eating relationship between parent and child. Each family’s plan addresses the unique food patterns of your family. This plan will help you and your child grow into as a lifelong approach to better eating. Skill building using food models to understand portion sizes, and lively interactions with puzzles and games gives children a positive attitude about healthy eating.

Expect a child friendly waiting room at your visit.

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