Hyptertension/High Cholesterol

Are you one in four Americans with high blood pressure? Finding a food plan that helps you manage your disease may seem overwhelming. At Your Nutrition Design, you’ll get a simple, step-by-step plan, using foods that been proven to lower blood pressure. No more guessing about what to eat at restaurants, how to manage your sodium intake, or how to prepare menus for quick healthy meals to get you started on the road to better health.

Nutrition Plan for High Cholesterol or High Triglycerides

Is lowering your cholesterol or triglycerides your goal? Kimberly Mathai, RD at Your Nutrition Design, will show how to lower your “bad” cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and boost your “good” cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). She’ll help you choose and enjoy foods that can lower your bad cholesterol, and help you identify foods that can raise your good cholesterol. If you are battling high triglycerides, you’ll get a nutrition plan that targets specific foods and nutrients may help reduce your triglycerides up to 38%.

Integrative Nutrition to Lower High Cholesterol and/or Triglycerides

Kimberly Mathai, RD will explain complementary therapies that will lower cholesterol and raise your “good”cholesterol. Using the most up to date nutrition science, she’ll help you plan and implement a nutrition plan that may be effective in helping you lower or avoid medication for your disease.

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