Chronic Inflammation

If you suffer from chronic disease, like the auto immune linked diseases of multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel diseseas, inflammation is part of your disease profile. If you have cancer, diabetes, heart disease or osteoarthritis, inflammation is keeping your disease active.

Nutrition and Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s way to help heal from physical injury or infections. But in chronic inflammation, control mechanism that turns off inflammation malfunctions, Foods contain compounds that can block these signals, like COX 2, and cool the fires of inflammation.

Your Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Plan

At Your Nutrition Design, you’ll get a nutrition plan that optimizes foods that may be potent weapons to help manage inflammation. Lifestyle changes, like losing body fat and getting getting more exercise, as well as certain nutrition supplements, can also be part of your plan to lessen pain, regain mobility and increase your vitality.
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